Patti’s Story

My first exposure to the Rewire Society project was a post on Facebook. I saw a post from another parent promoting the project about fighting insecurities that we all face about what is considered the society’s beauty standards. The input from young people and adults were so honest and relevant to my own experience and I was moved to support Angela’s efforts.

The photos of the amazing kiddos that I had grown to love and respect showing their insecurities were inspiring. I certainly experienced the judgement of society when I was their age and even to this very day. Their bravery was inspiring. When I was their age, the pressure that I faced from society as well as my family was soul crushing.

Now that I am a parent, the pressures still exist. In a society where youth is valued, a 50-year-old woman is expected to look 30. I have certainly succumbed to this standard especially as far as hair color is concerned. In today’s society, we have 70-year-old celebrities advertising hair coloring for older hair. While I remember the beautiful white hair of my grandparents, I definitely feel the pressure to keep my hair the color of my youth.

I wanted to be a part of Angela’s project and join the amazing bravery of the other participants in admitting I too was a victim of society’s standards. The day of the photo shoot was so much fun. There were boys, girls, mothers, grandmothers all exposing their insecurities, and they were all amazing.

The bravery of the young women today is an inspiration.

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