Liam’s Story

To preface this story, rewire society is one of the most beautiful projects that I have ever seen. It confronts issues that many people may not think about, and causes others to think in new, hopefully healthier ways. I was a helper in the first and second showings, and I met so many wonderful people taking part. I saw how people were touched by the galleries, by the responses. I saw how my other friends who took part were comforted and uplifted by the message put forth. I saw true goodness in people, which seems oh so rare and beautiful these days.

As a model for Rewire Society, I was nervous. I, like many other people, have been very self-conscious of my body at times. Well, I was part of a photoshoot with four other guys. We first did our solo shots, matched to a specific quote. Then, we did group shots. We were all required to take our shirts off, pose, and perhaps most difficult of all, laugh on command. Doing this out in a park with a friend, an acquaintance, and a complete stranger was odd to say the least. But it was also so much fun. We joked, we laughed, we had good conversation. Hanging out at the park during the photoshoot led me to hear stories from the other guys about their respective pasts.

As cheesy as it may sound, we were all very different, but so very similar as well. I completely forgot my own self-consciousness that day. I did not even think about it again until the first time I saw one of the photos. It was all four of us, somewhere between smiling, laughing, and squinting at the sun. Our differences stood out immediately. Tall, short, skinny, muscular. But one similarity stood out above all of those differences. Happy. I think that one word can summarize what this project has done for people. It causes us to think about things we may not want to, or maybe just haven’t thought of before. But in doing that, it brings out the best in us, and helps to create a better world.