To open the door for others to self-acceptance and self-love while simultaneously encouraging a kinder and open-minded society.
I will accomplish this by replacing the negative representations of people in social media with my photographs, videos, exhibitions, and various other presentations. Suicide and depression rates are increasing every day across all age groups and cultures thanks to pressure from society to meet the fabricated standards that are popular at the time, e.g. be skinny, young, tall, muscular, stoic, unfeeling, be “successful”, a millionaire, a scientist, etc. Rewire Society’s goal is to show people how to look beyond the labels on other people and themselves.


My name is Angela and I was a Girl Scout for six years. Rewire Society was something I had always wanted to do. As a kid, I didn’t realize it then, but I was my worst enemy. My thoughts tore me apart, questioning why I couldn’t ever be good enough, beautiful enough, or perfect enough to be accepted by my peers, and why I was so many awful things. While suicide was never my intention, those thoughts of unworthiness accompanied me every waking moment. I attended a mental hospital for my depression and insecurity. I thought I was alone in what I felt. Nothing was happening for me and it felt like my life had no meaning.

It wouldn’t be until high school that the penny dropped: I am not my thoughts. I don’t have to abide by everything I think. The names and labels I layer myself in; all of the “I’m ugly, overweight, not good enough, selfish, not a good person, a jerk, lazy, disgusting…” they’re all just labels. I don’t have to believe in them. Instead of looking myself in the bathroom mirror and hating myself, I tried practicing self-acceptance. I attempted loving myself. It took a really long time, but eventually, the change in me resonated into my peers and family. Life unfolded before me like a late blossom. Looking back now, I realize I didn’t turn my life around by waiting for happiness to find me… my life, my perspective, and my heart changed because for once… I believed in me.

And if I can show other people how to do that, I truly believe, as cliché as it sounds, that something like world peace is possible.

No, I’m not perfect. I’m human and humans can’t be manufactured. We’re a part of nature – we’re beautifully imperfect. We live, we learn, we grow, we die, and we’re reborn into different people every second of every day. We can make the choice to be whoever we want to be at any given moment… and that is our power. We don’t need to harm each other or ourselves just to meet society’s materialistic standards. I want to show people the way to self-acceptance and how to face our inner demons. Initially when I proposed my idea for my Girl Scout Gold Award, I received a lot of hesitation from my mentors and leaders. It didn’t stop me. I followed through with it, because I needed my message to reach out to anyone searching for love and acceptance like I was, because nobody ever suspects that it’s love and acceptance they need from themselves the most. My message to the world is this…

“You are worthy of love, even from yourself.”

Gold Award

The Gold Award is the highest honor a Girl Scout can achieve and is earnable to scouts who create, organize, and lead a project with a sustainable impact on their communities. When Girl Scouts reach the final rank of Ambassador, they can send in an application to the Girl Scout Council to outline their ideas and plans for their Gold Award. On average, only 5.4% of scouts earn this award due to the rigorous amount of work and dedication it entitles. It’s an opportunity for a girl to test all that she’s learned during her scouting experience. Rewire Society earned Gold on October 19th, 2016.


National Young Women of Distinction Award

The National Young Women of Distinction Award is a scholarship and title awarded to those who excelled far beyond the expectations of a Gold Award and is earnable to scouts who demonstrate leadership, creativity, integrity, grit, and passion in their execution of their Gold award projects. Only 10 girls are selected around the entire USA. The award entitles $15,000 in scholarship funds and the awardee travels the country for a year inspiring others with her project. 188 women applied for NYWOD 2017. Rewire Society was honored with NYWOD on July 11th, 2017.